Deciding if Crown Cork Or A Soda Filling Machine Would Be Best For My Restaurant

Right now, I am making an important decision for my company. Recently, I opened up a small deli that serves casual dining meals and sandwiches. I have the menu pretty much nailed down, but the part that I am still struggling to decide about is how to manage the drink portion of the menu. I have to take into account multiple aspects of the equation, including price, efficiency in the ordering process, and – of course – what my customers would like to drink.

The two options that I’ve narrowed it down to us are a soda filling machine or a Crown Cork bottled soda dispenser. I have decided that I’m going to take an informal survey of a few hundred random people over the course of the next week and asked them which they would prefer if they came into an establishment like mine. While I definitely want to take costs and ordering efficiency into account, I do feel that the most important part of the equation is customer preference (I don’t know why some mentioned something about Epak). Therefore hearing the unbiased opinions of several hundred people will factor heavily into my decision.