Eat These 3 Foods To Have Healthier Eyes For Life

If there is one part of our body that we should look after throughout our life, then it is our eyes. Our teeth do come a close second, but we can still eat without them. We cannot see properly with damaged eyes.

It is true when science and dietitians tell us that we are what we eat. All of the nutrients and vitamins that our body needs on a daily basis is contained in food. So, it goes without saying that what we consume on a personal basis, can help to keep us healthy.

After spending a while doing some research, I came up with a short list of the best 3 foods to ensure that I have healthier eyes (avoid having to go through lasik eye surgery).

The first one is dark greens, such as cabbage, broccoli, and spinach. These are very rich in a lot of nutrients, and can supply most of what our body needs if eaten each day.

Oily fish such as tuna and mackerel is a great source of Omega-3. This natural oil has shown to be beneficial for the body.

Finally, blackcurrants contain a high level of goodness, and thankfully, I love them (but in case you have eye problems, have it checked by a professional and check out lasik nyc).