I Keep Up With The Top 3 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Possibilities

I keep up with the top 3 best Minecraft hosting possibilities. It usually does not change too much, so I only check in and make sure my list is accurate once or twice a month. However, I do make a habit of keeping up with how everyone is doing and if there are ever new options in this area.

I’m afraid my Minecraft is really important to me, as it’s about all I have in life right now. I do contract demolition in abandoned homes and buildings all day long, so it’s nice to have something where I can just sit down and build things at night, even if they are electronic things.

My wife is on deployment overseas, and my kids are spending the summer with their grandparents. Me? I’m in a hotel room for two months until my contract is up. So, this is my only life or entertainment except when I get to Skype family.

Having the right server hosts for Minecraft is important to me since I’m playing on a laptop on the road. As I’m destroying things all day long, I get ideas of great things to build in the game. Sometimes my day ends early enough that I can log on while my kids are still up back East, and we can play together. That’s always a fun afternoon, building something I saw and then trying to keep them from obliterating it.

I did have one favorite Minecraft server host I used religiously, but for some reason their connections and speed went down the toilet, so that’s why I know keep a list of the best 3 to use, and update the list as needed should something to happen to one of my current favorites.