Why You Should Not Use Clumping Litter

Many people like the idea of clumping litter (including cat muzzle). It makes it that much easier to clean out the litter box, and it lets you conserve litter over the long run. Since the litter clumps, all you have to do is scoop out the clump and you can leave the rest of the litter there.

Unfortunately, the simple truth is that clumping litter can be quite dangerous for many pets, and not just for the most obvious reasons.

Obviously, clumping litter can cause a problem because the litter can get stuck to the animal’s hind end. This can cause problems with defecating in the future, and also can cause problems with things being messy. It becomes quite simple for the pet to drag litter all over the house when the clumps get stuck to them.

But that’s not the only reason clumping litter can be dangerous. Clumping litter can also cause respiratory problems for a number of different animals. This is because of the chemicals that clumping litter uses in order to clump. These chemicals can interact with the chemicals in the animals’ urine and feces, which in turn causes the creation of harmful gasses. These gasses are in small enough doses that the humans might not even notice.

But the animals notice. And the gas causes damage to their lungs over a period of time. It could wind up taking years off your beloved pet’s life, or cause them to have massive lung problems after a few years.

So if you’re wondering whether you should use a clumping litter, the answer is no. Clumping litter may be convenient for you, but it’s absolutely terrible for your beloved pet. So try to avoid it at all costs, and only use unscented, unclumping litter. Your cat will be glad that you did.